Roma-ness in Music, Music in Roma-ness: The Musical Craft of Slovak Roma in Klenovec and Kokava (PhD project)



This project aims to explore the musical craft of Roma in Klenovec and Kokava. It will approach this phenomenon from the perspective of three anthropological topics that, based on my ethnographic research and contemporary scholarship, I consider essential for understanding local Romani professional musical practice: Romani ethnicity, Romani economy and Roma-ness in music. The thesis aims to show how these topics are interrelated and how they form and affect the Romani musical craft in Klenovec and Kokava.


1) What role does the Romani musical craft play in the socio-economic and socio-cultural adaptation of Roma in Klenovec and Kokava? 2) How is Romani ethnicity performed in the locality, and how is the musical craft constitutive of the performance of Romani ethnicity? 3) To what extent, and how, does the Romani musical craft constitute a form of economic exchange? 4) How does Roma-ness manifest itself in Romani professional music-making?

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